The SICS Council covers all areas of the Society’s activities, with strong representation from the membership as well as other specialist critical care groups. It meets three times a year, and Council are also expected to attend the Annual General Meeting of all members held in January. Click here to read previous SICS Council and Annual General Meeting minutes

Office bearers

Dr Barbara Miles


Dr Pauline Austin


Dr Lucy Hogg

Membership Secretary

Iain Macleod

Treasurer and President elect

Elected representatives

Leah Hughes

Associate Rep

Helen French

Trainee Rep

Ailsa Redmond

Lay Member

Regional representatives

The input of regional reps is highly valued by all the SICS Council and the broad nature of topics discussed offers reps useful information and updates for their region, a forum to air their region’s views or concerns, an opportunity to become involved in all aspects of SICS business, and in due course to consider taking on office bearer roles. Click here to read more about being an SICS Council member.

Twelve regional representatives are elected by local members, comprising three from each of the following four regions: 


All office bearers and elected members of Council are appointed according to the Society’s constitution. When more than one candidate is proposed for a position a vote is carried out with numerical tallies, but not individual votes, made available to members.

Results of new positions are usually announced at the AGM held in January

  • Sarah McLean. 
  • Shaun McLeod.
  • Lieneke van Beijma
  • Alan Timmins.
  • Scott McNeill.
  • Cameron
  • Helen Tyler.
  • Jill Selfridge.
  • Stephen Wilson.
  • Isma Quasim.
  • Brian Digby.
  • Lia
  • Helen French

  • Leah Hughes

Ex-officio members

Paediatric Rep

  • Catherine MacDougall.

CSO Specialty Group

  • Ben Shelley.


  • Mike Kinsella


  • Pauline Austin


  • Naz Lone


  • Rory Mackenzie

Education & Training Group

  • Gillian.fleming