SICS Training and Education

Education and training in Intensive Care Medicine

The Society has an active role in the delivery of education and training in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) in Scotland.  This is led by the SICS Education and Training Group and includes an annual SICS Education Meeting, the SICS learning modules, ICM advanced trainee teaching sessions and simulation courses.  Further information on the group’s activities can be found on the Education Group page.

The Society also has a number of other groups providing education and support across a range of ICM domains.  The SICS Trainees Group represents trainees in ICM in Scotland within the Society and promotes training and collaboration amongst Scotland’s ICM trainees.  The Trainee Group page provides more information on their activities and how to get involved.  The Nutrition Group provides the expertise and support to the Society in the challenging area of critical care nutrition. Click here to visit their pages in the quality improvement section.

Intensive Care Medicine training in Scotland

Training in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) in the United Kingdom has undergone significant change recently mandated by the GMC.  The application process to join an ICM training programme in Scotland is now fully integrated in to the UK national recruitment system.  Further information regarding training in ICM in Scotland is provided on the ICM training page.

SICS Trainees Group

Education The SICS Trainees Group exists to promote Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) among trainees from all base specialties in Scotland, to encourage education in ICM,

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SICS education group

Education The Education and Training Group leads the delivery of education by the Society. The group’s activities include the on-line learning modules, training days for

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Learning modules

Education Learning modules The Scottish Intensive Care Society Education and Training Group have created 3 new interactive learning modules freely available below. They cover many

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Education Learning modules Simulation-based training is rapidly becoming a core training tool in critical care, see review. From practical procedures, such as inserting central lines on

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ICM training

Education Intensive Care Medicine training in Scotland Entry into the ICM training programme in Scotland, is via one of the accredited UK core training programmes:

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Other educational materials

Education Learning modules ICM training resources Lectures from SICS ASMs Clinical decision making (CDM) NHS Education For Scotland educational videos For healthcare professional dealing with

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Education Ultrasound   ICU PLAN A BLOCKS Thoracic Erector Spinae Plane – click here to view PDF (click back to exit pdf) ICU PLAN A BLOCKS

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