ICU block card - ESP 

ICU PLAN A BLOCKS Thoracic Erector Spinae Plane – click here to view PDF (click back to exit pdf)

ICU PLAN A BLOCKS Superficial Serratus Anterior Plane – click here to view PDF  (click back to exit pdf)

ICU block card, picture of block and USS photo

ICU PLAN A BLOCKS Superficial Parasternal Intercostal Plane – click here to view PDF  (click back to exit PDF)

ICU sheet with a photo of block site and USS

PLAN A BLOCKS Rectus Sheath – click here to view PDF (click back to exit PDF)

Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care

Point of care ultrasound is fast becoming integrated into acute specialities and adds to our ability to both diagnose pathology and tailor treatment for the patient in front of us.

Focused Intensive Care Echocardiography (FICE) is now a requirement for a CCT in intensive care medicine and Core UltraSound in Intensive Care (CUSIC) is a module also offered by the intensive care Society. These two areas of learning were amalgamated in December 2019 to Focused Ultrasound in Intensive Care (FUSIC).

Several courses are available in Scotland and also around the UK (see the events tab for more details).

SICS wants to create a free library of anonymised clips provided by members for sharing and learning.  If you want to send in a clip, please contact Alex Puxty. I’ve currently put two in to start us off and will add more as I get more access to the servers, COVID 19 allowing…

In the mean time there are many other established resources with links found on this page.

Please note that clicking on links will open YouTube® and play the clip described. You should first pause the video then right click the video and select “loop” to have the clip repeat for better viewing.

Infected clot in IVC

4 Chamber view of Air Embolism and patent foramen ovale

Other Resources

There are many excellent other sites for POCUS images/education.  Below are a few links to help you out (if you find others please E-mail Alex Puxty to add them, thanks).


Grepmed-medical images library

ICE BLU-E-learning for healthcare website in partnership with the ICS and BSE. Covers the theoretical knowledge needed for basic ultrasound.  You need to register.

Echocardia-image library with over 17500 images to search

Echopedia-free online textbook with example videoclips as well

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