Postgraduate Bursary

The Scottish Intensive Care Society (SICS) is pleased to offer a postgraduate studies bursary to part-fund educational studies undertaken in fields of work allied to intensive care medicine. The bursary is available to all membership categories. One bursaries will be awarded in 2023.

A standardised application form and marking scheme will be used, and the final decision on a successful applicant will be agreed by the SICS Education and Training Committee.  

The bursary will be paid in advance of the study period, with an agreement that, if studies are not completed, the award will be refunded in part or entirety depending on review.  

The successful applicant will be required to produce progress updates as requested, and provide a final report for SICS records 

What does the Bursary cover?  

A contribution to the funding of an individual’s postgraduate studies in a field of work allied to critical care that will bring tangible benefits to critical care in Scotland, including but not restricted to patients, families, the public and all related health professionals.  

Applications from students new to further studies are particularly welcome.  

What is the Education Bursary not appropriate for?  

The bursary will not be awarded: 

  • To supplement ongoing studies 
  • For research projects 
  • To make up a shortfall if another body has defined the cost of a project as being, for example, 90% of that requested by the applicant 
  • To fields of study not allied in some way to critical care 
  • Members working in industry or overseas 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Bursary? 

  • The applicant must be a member of the Society in good standing. Application to join the Society at time of submission of the bursary application is acceptable, and the applicant must remain a member throughout the period of their funded study 
  • Applications are welcome from all membership categories  
  • As this is a postgraduate bursary applicants must already have a degree 
  • The course of study must be provided by a recognised UK institute of higher education  
  • A letter of acceptance to the course of study from the educational institution must be provided  
  • Other secured sources of funding must be declared at time of application  
  • Applicants are allowed only one submission per round of awards 
  • Applicants who have previously successfully applied for the bursary are eligible to apply again 24 months after the submission of the final report of their previous bursary  
  • The bursary will cover a maximum study period of 12 months  
  • Applicants must be in NHS-related employment during their period of study Value 
  • The bursary will be up to a total value of £3,000  
  • Eligible costs: course fees, required course materials 
  • Costs which are not covered: travel, subsistence, accommodation, computing equipment costs, membership of organisations, journal subscription costs, library services and other general or unspecified costs  

Important dates 

  • Closing date: Friday the 25th August 2023 (5pm)
  • Result date: Within 6 weeks of date of application received (all applicants, successful or otherwise, will be notified of results) 
  • Claim date: within three months of the result date  
  • Start date: Within six months of the bursary being awarded  
  • Final Report date: Within three months of the completion of studies  

Application process  

The application should be submitted electronically by 5pm on the closing date. Late applications will not be considered.  

The application should consist of:  

  • Standardised application form (downloadable here
  • Brief CV (one page of A4) highlighting track record of achievements and/or delivery of any related projects  
  • A letter of acceptance to the course of study from the educational institution  
  • A brief statement from a referee (e.g. line manager, clinical supervisor etc.) vouching for the applicant’s good standing, ability to undertake and complete the course, and in support of the application, as such study may impact on their regular work  

Contacts and further information 

The Education Group Chair (Gilly Fleming – or the Honorary Secretary (contact details available on the SICS website)