Patients & Families

Ward care

More aggressive physiotherapy and input from occupational therapy is available on the ward and plans can be made for a safe hospital discharge. Some patients will have difficulty sleeping, and suffer flash backs and strange memories after being unwell in intensive care. These problems are normal and get better in time; speaking to the ICU team at this time can help understand why this happens.

Occasionally a patient does deteriorate again once discharged to the ward, whether they return to critical care again will depend on how likely these treatments are to help them a second time around.

Leaving hospital

The final part of ward care is preparing for a safe discharge from hospital with all the support that both the patient and family will require. Some patients will leave hospital on new or adjusted medication, and hospital follow-up for review and further tests or procedures will be arranged. All this will be communicated with the patient’s own GP, who will help in arranging any extra services needed at home.