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2018 SICSAG Quality Improvement Award is open!

We invite Critical Care healthcare professionals who have completed a quality improvement project which demonstrated improvements in patient care and how this might be applied to other units. Winning applicants will be expected to present their findings at the meeting.You may wish to structure your report following these headings:

Context: What was the setting of the project, e.g. what type of unit?

Problem:Describe the problem that you wished to address.

Assessment of problem: How did you quantify the problem?

Intervention: Describe your intervention with enough detail so others could reproduce it.

Implementation: How did you actually make the project work?

Measurement: How did you measure the effects of your intervention?

Effects of changes: Describe the effects of your intervention, did it improve patient care? What problems did you encounter?

Lessons learned: What would you do differently next time?

The award is open to medical staff, nursing/midwifery staff or from the allied healthcare professional (NMAHP) group. One award will be awarded.

Closing Date - Friday 29 June 2018

Web: http://www.sicsag.scot.nhs.uk/

WIN a free place, including DB&B, at the SICSAG Annual Conference 2018.

Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank. G81 4SA. 06 & 07 September 2018

Entries should be submitted in any form up to a maximum of 4 A4 size pages in 12 point, Times New Roman text. You may include tables, graphs or figures.

Submit to: NSS.sicsag@nhs.net