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Intensive Care Medicine training in Scotland

Over the last 6 years there has been major changes in the way Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) training and recruitment has been delivered throughout the UK. To compound the complexity, the Scottish ICM recruitment process has been separate from UK National recruitment, which is organised through West Midlands Deanery. From 2016 onwards the application for ICM training in Scotland is fully integrated in to the UK national recruitment process. For further information regarding ICM training in Scotland and the application process please see the link below to a summary provided by Dr Carol Murdoch, a former Lead RA for Scotland.

ICM training in Scotland

Details pertaining to UK National recruitment including ICM ST3 Personal Specifications and the answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the FICM website www.ficm.ac.uk under the link National Recruitment for ICM. Below is a link to the ICM portfolio self-assessment criteria and a summary of the interview stations again.  

ICM self-assessment criteria

UK ICM interview stations summary

Further advice can also be sought from your local Regional Advisor for ICM training.

West of Scotland: Dr Radha Sundaram (Radha.Sundaram@ggc.scot.nhs.uk)

North of Scotland: Dr Kevin Sim (kevin.sim@nhs.net)

East of Scotland:  Carol MacMillan (carol.macmillan@nhs.net)

S.E. Scotland and Lead RA: Monika Beatty (monika.beatty@nhs.net)

Who to contact for more information?

The four Regional advisors are:

West of Scotland - Dr Radha Sundaram, Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley

South East of Scotland - Dr Monika Beatty, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (Lead RA)

East of Scotland - Dr Carol MacMillan, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee

North of Scotland - Dr Kevin Sim, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary  


Other resources:

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RCoA - a helpful summary

NHS Education for Scotland and the ScotMT site have information of Scottish recruitment & training