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Liver failure


There are 7 pages in this module which take 20 min to read. The associated questions at the end should take 5 min and should be attempted only after the module is completed.

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Educational Objectives

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Categorise liver failure by speed of onset
  • Describe common causes of liver failure in the UK
  • Recognise physiological effects of acute and chronic liver failure
  • Recognise the complications of acute and chronic liver failure
  • Describe the pathophysiology associated with acute liver failure
  • Grade hepatic encephalopathy accurately
  • Describe the treatment of raised intracranial pressure in acute live failure
  • Perform appropriate investigations in the patient admitted to ITU with acute live failure.
  • Prescribe routine treatment for patients with acute liver failure
  • Recognise the patient with liver failure who requires transfer to a specialist hepatology unit
  • List the indications for liver transplantation

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