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Assessment and treatment of the acutely ill adult short test

This test will be forwarded to your supervisor only if he/she has contacted the training and education group.


1. Which one of the following options will give you the fastest IV infusion rate *

2. In the acutely unwell patient, which one of the following abnormalities detected on arterial blood gas analysis is associated with worse prognosis *

3. An AVPU score of P corresponds to which GCS score *

4.In a patient with normal cardiac function, the term fluid challenge refers to the infusion of *

5.You are called to a medical ward to assess a 65 yr old man who was admitted a day ago with community acquired pneumonia. On arrival you find him slumped in bed, RR 8/min, SpO2 80% on air, HR 40 /min NSR, non invasive BP 85/50 mmHg. His AVPU score is V. The most appropriate course of action is *

This module met my expectations *

Your level of training *


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