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Nutrition in ICU short test

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1. Glutamine should be a constituent of all parenteral feeds *

2. Hypophosphataemia (0.4mmol/l) in a malnourished ICU patient may be treated with enteral phosphate replacement *

3. Overfeeding is not a problem with patients on intensive care as their energy requirements are significantly increased *

4. Protein loss normally occurs in critically ill patients who are receiving adequate nutrition and does not require extra protein to be given *

5. There is a higher risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critically ill patients who are fed via a post-pyloric tube than in those fed via NG tube *

6. Parenteral nutrition should be avoided in malnourished ICU patients who are tolerating small amounts of enteral nutrition *

7. Most obese patients in ICU are fed proportionally less than non-obese patients when the Schofield equation is used *

8. Patients receiving naso-jejunal feed should be nursed in the supine position *

9. Nutritional assessment in ICU is based on BMI measurement *

10. Pabrinex contains Vitamin C and Folic Acid *

This module met my expectations *

Your level of training *


Nutrition MCQ

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