"improving intensive care in Scotland"


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There are 8 pages in this online induction module that should take around 30 minutes to read. The questions at the end should take 5 minutes to answer and should only be attempted after the module has been completed.


The links are provided to make navigation through the module easier. They contain essential information that forms part of the module.


Remember to click all the links and enable pop-ups in your web browser.


Educational Objectives

Once you have worked through this module you should be aware of:


1. The scale of the poisoning problem and how it relates to ICU admissions

2. Considerations and indications for ICU admission following poisoning

3. Common syndromes that result from poisoning and lead to ICU admission

4. Some general management principles relating to poisoning

5. Some other more general issues relating to ICU admissions following poisoning

6. Discharge considerations following an ICU admission for poisoning

7. Sources of further information

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