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Sedation and Analgesia in ICU

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There are 10 pages in this module which take 30 mins to read. The associated questions at the end should take 5 mins and should be attempted only after the module is completed.

The links are provided to make navigation through the module easier. They highlight some essential information that forms a part of this module, whilst hopefully also providing some useful background information.


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Educational Objectives

By the end of this module you should be able to describe:

  1. Why patients in ICU need sedation and analgesia
  2. The aims of sedation and analgesic regimens in ICU
  3. The complications of suboptimal sedation/analgesia
  4. The assessment of a patient's sedative and analgesic requirements
  5. How to manage anxiety and agitation
  6. The common sedative agents used and their usage
  7. The use of sedation breaks
  8. Risk factors for sedation/opioid withdrawal syndromes and principles of management
  9. Analgesia in ICU
  10. Opioids and their usage in ICU

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