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Shock short test

This test will be forwarded to your supervisor only if he/she has contacted the training and education group.


1. A previously fit 35 year old man presents to AE with septic shock secondary to arm cellulitis. He is cold peripherally and slightly confused. His HR is 125/min NSR, BP 60/30 mmHg, RR 25/min. The most appropriate first step in his management should be to *

2. The main neurotransmitter for the sympathetic nervous system is *

3. All following drugs can be used in pure cardiogenic shock except *

4. Noradrenline has no effect on ß1 adrenergic receptors *

5. The following are considered appropriate as a fluid challenge (tick as many correct choices as you want) *

This module met my expectations *

Your level of training *

Shock MCQ

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